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Joint Published Works 


Raun, Loren, Persse David, Johnson Gwendolyn, Ensor Katherine, Stevenson Elizabeth, Valerio Melissa, Caton Erin, Campos Laura, Farber Harold. Using Complex, Multi-Sectoral Data in a Needs Assessment to Inform Future Strategies in Childhood Asthma Management. Health Behavior Research. 2019 https://doi.org/10.4148/2572-1836.1037. Available here.

Homey, Jennifer, Rios Janelle, Cantu Adelita, Ramsey Steve, Montemayor Lisa, Raun Loren, and Miller Aubrey. Improving Hurricane Harvey Disaster Research Response Through Academic-Practice Partnerships. American Journal of Public Health Practice. 2019. Available here.

Raun L, Ensor K, Pederson J, Campos L, Persse D. City-specific air quality warnings for improved asthma self-management. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2019; 2:165-171. Available here.

Raun L, Pederson J, Campos L, Ensor K, Persse D. Effectiveness of the dual dispatch to cardiac arrest policy in Houston, TexasJournal of Public Health Management and Practice. 2019. Available here.



Cicalese L, Raun L, Shirafkan A, Campos L, Zorzi D, Montalbano M, Rhoads C, Gazis V, Ensor K, Rastellini C. An Ecological Study of the Association of Air Pollution and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Incidence in Texas. Liver Cancer. 6:287-296. Available here.

Raun LH, Campos LA, Stevenson E, Ensor KB, Johnson G, Persse D. Analyzing Who, When, and Where: Data for Better Targeting of Resources for School-Based Asthma Interventions. Journal of School Health. 2017. 87:253-261. Available here.


Reid M, Gunn J, Shah S, et al. Cross-disciplinary consultancy to enhance prediction of asthma exacerbation risk in Boston. Online Journal of Health Informatics. 2016. Available here.


Raun LH, Ensor KB, Campos L, Persse D. Factors affecting ambulance utilization for asthma attack treatment: understanding where to target interventions. Public Health. 2015. Available here.


Raun LH, Ensor KB, Persse D. Using community level strategies to reduce asthma attacks triggered by outdoor air pollution: a case crossover analysis. Environmental Health. 2014. 13:1-58. Available here.


Raun LH, Jefferson LS, Persse D, Ensor KB. Use of geo-spatial variation of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation to target training and intervention planning. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2013. 45:137-142. Available here.

Ensor KB, Raun LH, Persse D. A case-crossover analysis of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and air pollution. Circulation. 2013. 127:1192-1199. Available here.


Raun, L. and Ensor, KB. 2012. Association of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with exposure to fine particulate and ozone ambient air pollution from case-crossover analysis results: are the standards protective? James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy of Rice University. Available in PDF.


Katherine Ensor Recent Publications

Ensor KB, Bonnie KR, Charlton SJ. Point source influence on observed extreme pollution levels in a monitoring network. Atmospheric Environment. 2014. 92:191-198. Available here.


Loren Raun Recent Publications

Hoyt and Raun. Measured and estimated benzene and volatile organin carbon (VOC) emissions at a major US refinery/chemical plant: comparison and prioritization. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association. 2015. 65:1020-1031. Available here.

Raun L, Pepple K, Hoyt D, Richner D, Blanco A, Li J. Unanticipated potential cancer risk near metal recycling facilities. Environmental Impact Assessment Review. 2013. 41:70-77. Available here.




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