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Current and Past Students

RESH:ERRG has several active projects during the summer in which students can participate in.

Current Students/Interns:

Sara Mahmoud

Sara is an intern from the University of Texas at El Paso, investigates the carcinogenic risk to neighborhoods near metal recycling facilities through the collection of metal particulate matter and analysis of air pollution. Additionally, she researches the correlation of air pollution and asthma attacks in a case-crossover study. LinkedIn Profile



John Pederson



After graduating from Rice in 2017, John continues working with the EPA, City of Houston, Houston Wilderness and Air Alliance Houston on the Bridge to Clean Air project. This prototype measures particulate matter on a local highway, cleans the air, and displays real time particulate matter concentrations. He assists with risk assessment from various exposure sources such as contaminated fish consumption, airborne metal toxins, and criteria pollutants in Houston’s air. LinkedIn Profile





If you are interested in doing research with Dr. Ensor or Dr. Raun, please e-mail raun@rice.edu. 

Below are student lead projects by year.

2016 Students

2015 Students

2014 Students








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